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Valle de Cocora / Quindio - Colombia 2016

Valle de Cocora, Quindio, part of the national park "los nevados" located between 1800 an 2400 m above sealevel is known for the extraordinary wax palms. A stunning landscape where weather conditions changing very quickly. From the Hacienda Buena Vista we drove through the towns of Finlandia and Salento, after a short coffee break we finally arrived in the valley and had a 4 hour horse tour up to "Acaime" where we could see a lot of birds an some coatis. Most of the landscape and river photos were shot from the horse back with one single hand using the Nikon D750 in manuel mode adjusting all the time speed, aperture and ISO. Using the Sigma 24-70 for most of these shots. Up in "Acaime" i used the tele lens to take some birds pictures. 

Valle de Cocora, Quindio, Colombia, magia salvaje